A Bamboo and Thatch Retreat Center in the Maldives

The Joali Being wellness retreat in the Maldives archipelago was built with a bamboo framework that is topped with a woven roof canopy. The engineering and construction aim to maintain the architectural idea of a floating retreat complex delivering technical solutions and details to preserve the quality and stability of the structure in the particular island climate.

The Apothecary center and outdoor relaxation area is dedicated to the rich heritage of healing through the power of herbs. Consisting of two main parts, the structure sets up a large circular bamboo roof and a covered glazed pavilion, while, also, distributing sheltered outdoor zones that blend with the tropical surroundings. The building rests on concrete pedestals raising the bases of the bamboo poles to effectively avoid the capillary moisture from the ground and rain and increase their lifespan.

There are fourteen pillars made with coupled poles and strengthened with inclined bracing that bear the roof weight with the help of a central bamboo tower. A bamboo lattice system reinforces the structure, while natural Indonesian thatch left hanging from the gutter line provides protection from sun and rain and forms the final appearance of the canopy.

An elevated walkway leads to the spa pavilion that arranges two floors for spa recreational functions on the ground level and service spaces, as well as a multipurpose hall on the upper floor.

The roof overhang shields the bamboo construction from sun and rainwater, while framing the ocean views. The thatch net has an intricate texture shaping a skylight at the summit where solid transparent anti-UV polycarbonate allows illumination of the space.

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