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  1. Hi Owen,

    Are Morgan and MJ still working on this? Last month I went to the Cal-Earth Institute in California for their open day. I’ve been considering Brevard, NC as the place I’d like to buy and build and then I ran across a couple of blogs and such that tell about Morgan’s story and Asheville is in the same general area as Brevard. I also, love the idea of a community with like-minded people; however, his blog (asustainablelife) doesn’t seem to be working. Is it possible to contact him?

    • Not sure what happened to them. That is a very popular area for ecofriendly building, so I’d at least go and check it out.

  2. I am so glad I came across this post! My husband and I live about 2 1/2 hours away from you guys in Greensboro and we have been doing tons of research to find something like what you are starting. We have been putting together plans for an earthbag home as well. I would love to talk with you about how things are coming along and what possibilities there may be for us to join you guys in the future. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you guys personally. Thanks!

    • You could build something like this for around $10,000, maybe less. Costs vary a lot from place to place. It’s much less expensive to build in rural areas with few codes.

  3. Hi, I’m totally agree with you, I’m looking for places where to work in natural buiding for others to keep learning differents methods and ways of live colaborating in differents projects like this, I’ve colaborate in building strawbale house, cob, adobe and superadobe or earthbag house, so if you need some help, let me know, all my support for your projects, let’s change something!!! :)

  4. A warm hello from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia Canada! This is a brilliant offer and an excellent opportunity to “go Green” and live off the land. It will be communities like this that will be a shinning example of what sustainable communities can be and studies will show a decreased impact on our planet… Building with natural materials and practicing Permaculture and learning to recycle “things” properly will be not only adventurous and advantageous but plain and simply put, “smart”!
    I first learned of this by researching a man named Michael Reynolds, the principle biotect and creator of the Earthship Concept and watched a film called Garbage Warrior on youtube… Man! Im excited for you folks, best wishes!

  5. Morgan is one of my best friends, we’ve thought about moving up to Asheville with them. Morgan and MJ are such friendly, kind spirits, it’d be fun for anyone thinking about moving to the Asheville area to join them.
    Young at heart and hilariously irreverent they’d make for some really fun neighbours.

  6. This sounds like an amazing opportunity. I am very interested in investing in a community such as this. We recently bought land in Texas, and are still getting things together to build our earthbag/cordwood hybrid home, but a community of like-minded people is an even more amazing way to live according to our principles. I would love to get involved and invested :)

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