Andrea Rossi Granted E-Cat Patent by US Patent Office — 5 Comments

    • They just completed a one-year test providing heat for a customer’s factory. An independent third party has monitored the entire test. A report on the results is due out within 30 days.

      It’s been a long process from Rossi’s original tests to production scale tests and now on to actual production of reactors for sale. Along the way Rossi has acquired around 50 million $ in backing from Industrial Heat and Woodford fund, the largest investment fund in the UK. Things are heating up and looking more promising as time goes by. His latest reactor is claimed to produce electricity and heat, and could be even more pivotal.

  1. The background story to cold fusion is one of US government lies, a complicit media, along with high level hot fusion scientists to cover it all up. This 25 year delay since the discovery of cold fusion by Pons and Fleishman has given the US government a 25 year head start to develop the technology mostly in secret. Do your own research and you’ll see this is true. It’s terribly disgusting and hard to accept how people can be so cold, greedy and heartless to keep this incredible energy source out of the marketplace. The good news is they can no longer block it. The cat is out of the bag. Read E-Cat World to learn how labs around the world are racing to develop their own cold fusion labs.

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