Breaking Down the Barriers: Challenges and Solutions to Code Approval of Green Building — 6 Comments

  1. where we are going to build currently has a planning commission and a green building commission which should we check with first?

  2. Do you know if they have a person who specializes in green building? I assume it would be in the office where you get a building permit…correct? Also, just how do you go about being your own contractor? Is there test involved or just money to pay someone?

    • Most building departments are now somewhat trained in green building. It depends where you live though. Some states are more progressive than others.

      Ask the building department about getting a contractors license. You’ll probably have to take a test and show proof of experience. Back when I got my license all you had to do was pass a test. You’ll have to thoroughly know the building codes. The easy way to learn is by taking one of their classes.

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