Bullet Resistance of Gravel

What’s the most effective way to provide bullet resistance for your home? Here’s a field trial test of Joel Skousen’s gravel wall system.

Compare the bullet resistance of this system to:
Sand bags
Compressed earth
Impact testing compressed earth by black powder cannon

4 thoughts on “Bullet Resistance of Gravel”

  1. We designed a study to characterize soils used in military security in Abia State, Nigeria by collecting samples of the soils. We want to determine the morphological, physical and chemical characteristics. Do you thing this approach will address the problem of soil qualities used in military security.
    Dr. Godwin Chukwu
    Department of Soil Science and Meteorology, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Nigeria

    • It depends on exactly what you have in mind (contained barriers? rammed earth?). Check with West Point military academy to see what they have publicly available.


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