Common Roofs for Bamboo Structures — 3 Comments

  1. What an excellent article/post! Consice, yet instructive and a thorough covereage of topic as per natural roofs. I am savingd this article for future reference. Thanks much Kelly for this, and all your excellent work following your and Dr. Owen’s years of work on this blog. I salute you both.

  2. These Bamboo roofs are amazing! Beautiful, functional and sustainable in many aspects.

    I want to point out a couple of important things to note that folks should be aware of, particularly ones outside the construction industry.

    1. Complicated roofs of this nature require a lot of labor which makes them mostly only viable in areas where labor costs are very low. Basically areas where wealth inequity is quite dramatic. Certainly possible in the developed world but that lack of value for labor must exist or funding for the project very high.

    2. Terracotta roofs are very durable and use earthen materials but require a substantial amount of energy in order to fire them in a kiln to make them ceramic. That energy can be provided by solar PV or combustion of a waste gas such as methane but the vast majority of the time it is not.

    3. Copper roofs are beautiful and very durable but the impact of there mininig is very high and often environmentaly catastrophic. I suggest looking up existing and potential copper mine projects such as “Pebble Mine” in Alaska to see what the industry’s demand for copper can do.

    There are no perfect answers but I think it is important to give a full a picture of construction impact to your readers and especially the ones who are outside the industry. It is tempting to be seduced by the fantastic craft and artistry of these beautiful structures but we must remain subject about the realities of their impact and viability.

    Keep up the good work of sharing inspiring projects!


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