Comparison to Sand Bag Bunkers — 2 Comments

  1. How much reinforcement for withstanding earthquakes? Do you need “rebar pins, plaster mesh, plaster, reinforced bond beam and barbed wire” or just some of these?


    • Details will vary for each design and level of seismic risk. We currently have a licensed engineer working with us who specializes in earth construction. We hope to have free stamped plans available shortly.

      If you want to use your own design, you’ll need to prioritize some of these reinforcement techniques. (Sounds like a good blog post for the future…) We believe adding fishnet or plaster mesh on both sides of the walls and tying them together through the wall is one of the best ways of adding a great deal of strength at low cost.

      We’ll be publishing an article soon on this topic at You can also email me for a current draft copy. Click on About Us for our email addresses.

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