Earth Building in Thailand

Thai Adobe House
Thai Adobe House

Interview with Peggy Reents and Thana Joe Uthaipattrakoon (nickname Joe).

Owen: I first heard about earth building in Thailand from Janell Kapoor of Kleiwerks International fame who said there are thousands of new earthen houses in Thailand. That really amazed me and so I’ve set out to learn the details about the modern earth building movement in Thailand. Are there really that many new earthen houses in Thailand?

Peggy: Yes, the movement has grown so quickly that we don’t know a good estimate of the total earthen buildings in Thailand but we estimate more than a thousand. So many people that have been trained in building have gone on to build that it is almost impossible to estimate. We frequently get calls from people either telling us what they have built after just seeing a building or asking us to build for them. What is most impressive is to keep in mind that Thailand is the approximate size of Texas and earth building has only become popular since 2001.

You can read the full length article for free at Mother Earth News Blog.

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  1. I bought 2600m2 , In an ecological zone in Cancun. My idea is to build 5 round earth houses and one main one, we don’t have idea how to make them so I will get all the books posible to lear. I am hoping then the guys how help me learn how to do it and they can do some houses in there communities. An make it popular in the area:) is cheaper to build them for them and me :)
    If you have any videos o book you recommend I will appreciate your advices.


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