Earthbag Trainer Needed in Peru

My name is Carmen Mauk, and I run a non-profit, Pisco Sin Fronteras, in Peru. We have been working here since 2007 when an 8.0 earthquake devastated the region. Thousands of families are still living in tents and unfortunately, the Peruvian government hasn’t been forthcoming in supporting reconstruction efforts.

We are introducing earthbag building to this impoverished community and are looking for somebody who has experience in building earthbag structures from the ground up to come and lead the building of a small community center. We will begin construction in 3 weeks. Our original qualified builder must leave the country due to a family emergency.

We can provide room and board for a qualified person, if they can get themselves to Pisco. This is an amazing opportunity that will make a huge impact in the quality of people’s lives here.

We have also just produced a 10 minute video that does a great job of showing the scope of our work here.

Carmen Mauk, Executive Director, Burners Without Borders

3 thoughts on “Earthbag Trainer Needed in Peru”

  1. Hello.
    I am currently in arequipa, and I am very interested in earthbag buildings. Is this project still I going?
    Please could you send me further information.

    Many thanks, Tom.

  2. Hello,
    I am reading now this post but I couldn’t find out when this was written, so I don’t know if I am very late to reply. Are you still looking for a person with experience with earthbags?


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