Earthbag Building Blog 3rd Anniversary

This week is the 3rd anniversary of Earthbag Building Blog. A lot has happened this past year, and our blog continues to grow in content and readership. There are now 335 posts and well over 1,000 comments. Thanks for your support. We love hearing about your earthbag projects and hope you will continue sharing information with others. Keep those project submissions rolling in.

Top stories from this past year are listed below.
Counties with Few or No Building Codes
Specifics of Nabil Taha’s Engineered Earthbag Designs
Earthbag Projects in Haiti
Updated Step-by-Step Earthbag Building
Using Scoria for Earthbag Building
The Most Bang for the Buck? Part 1
The Most Bang for the Buck? Part 2
New Soil Testing Guide
Gypsum and Lime Stabilized Soil (Alker Technology)
Using 2x4s Versus Wide Lumber
Alternative Waterproof Membranes for Living Roofs
Roundhouse Update
Thatch Panels
Estimating Costs
Earthquake-Resistant Earthbag Building Details
Earthbag Benches: The Perfect Starter Project

4 thoughts on “Earthbag Building Blog 3rd Anniversary”

  1. Congratulations on your site’s 3rd anniversary! I’ve learned so much from your website and am now putting all of this knowledge into action. Thanks for freely sharing this valuable information.

  2. Happy Birthday! This is such a valuable resource. Many thanks for all of the work you put in to keep it so informative and vital!


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