Earthbag Building in Vanautu — 4 Comments

  1. Hi, l’m very interested to read about how you are building with earthbag. I found out about it last year here in Australia NSW Newcastle. I did a weekend workshop where we built a wall for the Newcastle Community Garden.
    Then I organised a working bee building a wall with friends and the teacher(Rebecca Whan) at my own place but the soil was not so good. Rebecca said she could tell by the scent that the soil was too high in organic matter and she was right. But I have learnt a lot now.

    I’ll be travelling to Vanuatu 5th May 2013 and leaving the following Sunday. My sister will be getting married there on the Sat, that’s why I’m going.
    I’d love to help if I can?
    It sounds like a great idea to build earthbag accommodation and Eco-tourism. I know I’d rather stay there!
    I’m only in Vanuatu for one week – can I help at all?
    Kind regards,

  2. check out also, about composting toilets, keep the ground water clean. do composting bins, check out ‘humanure book’, can keep it al clean, compost veggies, a lttle earth on top, in our mojave desert, near death valley, we have used humanure compost on our earth, more than 6 years! no smell, with this good willing group, why not! how did you find this little group? bravo! bit by bit, we can! together! appreciate so much these blogs, so helpful! thanks, jehane

  3. I’d love to learn more about this project, could you please site it or tell me how to get in touch with Liz. I may beheaded to that part of the world and would love to help out if the timing were right. Thanks!

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