Earthbag Dome Homes – Baja, Mexico — 5 Comments

  1. This is a new earthbag building method that we don’t know much about. We don’t know the limits. For instance, we don’t know the durability in a rainier climate. It’s working in the desert but of course this method will be vulnerable in higher rainfall areas. All we’re saying is be careful.

    • Hi there,
      My name is Cynthia and I live in Mexico. Wondering if you have a website, and contact email, as I am interested in investing in a dome home (s) here in Mexico. Muchas Gracias

      • Owen died not long after this post, but I am his colleague and we do have a website devoted to earthbag technology:
        There are some example projects completed in Mexico shown there. Also, if you do a search on this blog for posts about Mexico you will find quite a few. I used to live near Guadalajara and have worked with earthbags in that region. You can contact me through the contact form or email address provided.

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