Earthbag Sea Front Home on Private Beach for Sale — 7 Comments

  1. Belize IS English speaking, this is posted 4 years ago, so I hope it’s still for sale otherwise there should be a post that it’s been sold.

  2. You may be surprised to learn Carol – ocean front property is of premium value all over the world. If a traditional building were on the property the sale price would most likely be considerably higher.

  3. No matter about private beach front. It still stinks of greed. Earthbag is suppose to be cheaper to build so, this amount seems to be excessive. Owner must be an American.

  4. Expensive. You’d swear you were in America somewhere. I thought it was suppose to be cheaper in other countries that aren’t English speaking. You know what I mean.

  5. The building design is just awesome. Thinking if i could buy it. What kind of roof it consistes of. Does the strcutrual inspection
    report speaks about the soil issues. The previous house which i had was on beach side and later faced the foundation problem. The inspection report might clear all the confusions. If possible please share some basic summary .

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