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  1. Hey hows it goin. Im goin to be in Belize, from sept 4th-oct 2nd,in discovery of possibly relocating down there. I am really interested in building with earthbags and would love to talk/meet up with anyone who can point me in this direction especially having been in the area.If i could pick your brain upon place to get materials and what you learned in your experience. I really like the idea of the 3 roundhouse by Owen Geiger as a good way to start small-ish, and build towards more . Thanks for lookin

    • He went back to the US for work last I heard. He probably won’t see your message. Maybe you can track him down through facebook etc.

  2. i am building in san pedro ,im a craftman and i have small resources,so im filling the land first witha tire net full of sand and stones ,then when i have the plan aproved i start to build a farm and the houses.tilapia ,food ,threes,water,chickens ,ducks! ,all in an small land into a paralell island in san pedro .out of the grid!!!
    crazys welcome

    • Hi Omar I will be in Belize starting today and will be building in Copper bank near Cerros Myan ruin, Corazal and will be Staying at Donna’s place a restaurant in Copper Bank. belize number 660-9945 Her Husbands Cell is 662-2290. Enrique as for Peter. Peace Peter.

  3. Hi, i would like to know some names and contact information to the people that builds these kinds of houses here in belize. my name is Dwight send me and email with these info please.

    • Hi Dwight I am going down to Belize on the 18th of this month to build if you are interested in learning first had you are welcome to come I don’t claim to be an expert but have been studying for the last six months have several books and videos, also been building test blocks in Florida and NY. Feel free to contact me 4074171679

  4. I have land in Corazal Belize and would like to know where you were able to get the bags in Belize ? Are they rice bags? What soil mixture used? Thank you interesting.

  5. Hey Jesse,

    I have 7 acres of property in Bullet Tree Falls right on the Mopan River. Some friends and I are planning to go down there next winter and build some earthbag dwellings. After doing much web surfing on Belize+ Earthbag all I kept seeing was your name and pics of your outstanding work (which happens to be in the very same town that my property is!)


    I am wondering if you might talk to me about your earthbag experience in Bullet Tree. For instance, was it hard to acquire all of the tools and materials that you needed? What would have made your experience/ work run smoother? Did you have any trouble with visas or zoning?

    My name is Nik by the way. My friends and I have all been working trails crews all over the country. We are young, strong and totally stoked to embark on our Belizean earthbag adventure. Any helpful info you can give us would be most appreciated :)

    My # is (540) 462-7691 call me anytime

    • Nik, I am going to Belize April 18 to build a one bedroom structure if you want to come by to learn and help you are more than welcome My land is near Corazal Belize. Peace…

      • Damn!! that sounds great. Only I am currently recovering from knee surgery and will not be strong enough by April 18th. Perhaps I can send one of my people down to learn and help….

        Thanks much for getting back to me.

        I have a feeling our paths will cross one day

        • I just found out my mom will be traveling all over Belize april 22-31st. Perhaps she could hook up with you somewhere along the way.

          Also, my friend Ryan Baxter might be able to come down for a few weeks to learn and help.

          Is there a phone number I could reach you on to help coordinate?

          • ok so I am sending my friend Ryan down to help. He can spend two weeks at the most. Is that enough time to get a solid grasp on the process?

            also, I will need the exact address of the property you will be working on.

          • Wow sorry I didn’t follow the blog I thought the response would come in my email. My US number is 4074171679. I will have my cell with me not sure I will have service there. The best way to get me is Enrique’s Cell # 501 662-2290 Belize number. Tell him you are looking for Peter Also his wife Donna at the restaurant in Belize 501 660-9945 we are building near Cerros Mayan Ruin near Copper Bank. We will be staying at Donna’s Place it is a restaurant and she has a guest house in Copper Bank Cerros Near Corazal. There is no address just we will be at Donna’s place in Copper Bank I am sure anyone in Copper Bank knows were it is, Donna’s restaurant/Place near Cerros. My land is by Donna’s. I am leaving this morning I will call you from the Airport. Peace…

  6. Despite all of the things that you deemed “went wrong” with this project, it turned out to be a very beautiful, usable piece of art, that would add character to any backyard. If this was your “practice run” your eventual home will be smashingly exquisite!!! Looking forward to the pictures. :)

  7. Hey Owen, thanks so much for the shout out – Jesse’s working incredibly hard and our little project is really coming along – it’s definitely a labor of love.

    Jen Loving

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