New Earthbag DVD for Sale

Reader’s have asked for our YouTube videos on DVD. Even though they’re free on my YouTube channel, some people have slow Internet access and can’t watch them. Some may prefer to watch them on TV. So we’re now offering a limited number of DVDs that include all 61 videos (as of October 30, 2010) and a text file (NotePad format) with all the text. The text is provided so you can easily print and read everything, and/or translate into other languages. Again, everything on the DVD is already available for free on my YouTube channel. This is a special offer for up to 20 readers who really want/need the information on DVD. Note: Sorry, but it’s impractical to sell more than 20 at this time. If there’s a big demand, I’ll look into selling a downloadable version.

Ordering instructions: Be patient. Your order may take three weeks or so. The nearest bank is about 60 miles away and we go only every two weeks. If you’re still interested, the cost is $15, limit one per customer. First come, first serve. Email me at strawhouses [at] Please put Earthbag DVD in the subject line of your email. If you’re selected as one of the lucky ones, I’ll email you my mailing address in Colorado, where you can send a check for $15 made payable to Owen Geiger. The cost includes postage and handling.

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