Earthbags for Yurt and Tent Insulation — 8 Comments

  1. I built a yurt in my backyard just before the worst rains we’d had in the middle of winter last year.and my daughters all slept in it at different times and without heaters and it was always very warm. I did not put felt on it though as I thought it was probably to heavy for me to cart around and to expensive also. So ended up using fabric batting from the local spotlight store cost just over $100 for 20 meters and was perfectly dry the three months it was up.

    • Plaster adds a great deal of strength and improves the looks considerably. It’s best to plaster the bags as quickly as possible to protect them from sunlight.

      However, my idea for insulating yurts and tents is different, since they’re inside a structure and protected from sunlight. In this case, you’ll most likely want to leave them unplastered so you can move them in the future if necessary.

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