Earthbag/Scoria Bag Building Online Workshop — 10 Comments

  1. Have you already had your 1st training?
    We would like to get training and am on a very low budget.
    This maybe the best thing for us.

  2. I just came across this and am very interested! I would not, however, be able to build along with the course (if it were to take place soon). I plan to build between the Christmas and New Year break as it coincides with the down season at my work.

    I have been reading a lot of information on the website (sorry for the bombardment of replies on the various blog posts), but I do much better with visuals. I have found the YouTube videos to be very informative and have taken pages of notes.

    I plan to start with the roundhouse studio with a slight modification (an external bathroom, maybe square, maybe rounded, haven’t decided the merits of either yet). I’m not sure about the scoria availability here in Ghana, though we do have a lot of lava rock (it’s red, somewhat porous, but a tad heavier than the ‘lava rock’ I have seen in the US in landscaped front lawn areas). The soil also tends to be very clay-y. I plan to harvest dirt from borrow pits where people typically get the dirt to make simple clay blocks for their mud houses.

    • I’ve added your name to the list. So far we have two people who are seriously interested in this course. If we don’t get enough people then consider building a simple tool shed so you can experiment and practice every step at very low cost.

  3. Thanks for your generous & creative offer to host a skype class! I’m in!! Very interested in building a small earthbag shed that will help me learn the skills to build larger structures later. Thx again.

    • I already have you on my list. You’re the only one to sign up so far… It’s been a while so I sort of doubt if we’ll get enough people. Your next best choice is to get my earthbag book and DVD that show every step. See links at top of page. Starting with a storage shed is a good idea.

    • You want to start out with something really simple at first — one room of about 200-300 sq. ft. Or you can start with a tool shed. I told a lady yesterday to consider starting with a tool shed about 8’x12′ so there’s plenty of room for tools, and in the future you could possibly use it for other things. Once you know all the steps and have actual experience then you can building larger projects.

  4. Owen

    I understand you are trying to keep to a similar plan for all. Is a container frame or steel frame an option in this build?


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