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Las Mujeres Solares in Sabana Grande
Las Mujeres Solares in Sabana Grande

“Earthen Endeavors is teaming up with other natural builders and US and Nicaraguan organizations to support the creation of a sustainable natural building movement in northern Nicaragua. Take a moment to learn more about The Nicaragua Pueblo Project.

About Liz Johndrow
I enjoy spaces that bring me in touch with my natural surroundings. As a builder, I was thrilled to discover I could bring that contact deeper into my home experience through my choice of building materials. Since that discovery, I have been exploring the world of cob, strawbale, adobe, earthbag, earthen plasters and floor systems, and timber framing. The simplicity of these systems and materials allows for people of all ages and abiulities to participate. The past few years have taken me further into the role of teacher, facilitator, instructor and co-conspirator. I am increasingly passionate about helping others learn these skills so they in turn can share this vision of beautiful, sustainable, and socially just structures. My more recent work in Nicaragua with the women in the northern pueblos has been my most challenging and rewarding work thus far.”

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