Ecological Flooring Options

Besides some of the obvious choices for ecological flooring, such as adobe or flagstone, there are a number of commercial products that you might consider. M

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  1. I took a fire fighting safety course, and in it I learned how slow all natural materials took to burn and even ignite. Synthetics on the other hand, ignited and burned at a crazy fast rate, producing a very chemically toxic smoked. examples: wool carpets vs synthetic; natural fiber stuffing for sofas, horsehair, cotton, vs highly toxic fire retardant foams; solid wood furniture vs laminates…

  2. We installed cork tiles in our bedroom, and the first problem was getting them to adhere to the floor, and the second was they were very thin, and didn’t offer much cushioning at all, and was far too thin to dampen sound as well.

    Also it faded really really fast, so we ended up with a two tone floor, as any part that came into contact with the sun was much lighter after a matter of months.

    To be fair, this may be down to the brand we bought, so it would be interesting to hear from anyone who had good experiences with cork flooring.

    For now though, it seems like an eco-hyped product more than a good flooring solution.

    Anyone else have experience with this?

  3. Kelly

    This reply is not associated with your post but wanted to voice something. I still miss Owen very much . We used to have great conversations about USA conspiracy theory and natural building as well. He was such a giving person in his life and I respect him for that. For me he is not forgotten.

    Just wanted to vent that. I hope you don’t mind. Thanks for listening.



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