Example of $2,000 DIY Hybrid Natural Home — 6 Comments

  1. I hope this blog post is popular and gets spread around, because this is what our blog is mainly about. This is my passion. This is what drives me day after day, year after year. This is the only realistic way to provide housing for the 1+ billion people in need of affordable housing.

    • THIS post is so inspiring. like Barefoot Architect in a post!

      there are four websites i check when i come online, this is one of them. the other three are weather and personal.

      We are the pioneers of this shift. we may not ever see the big fruits of our seed plantings. and we may feel very lonely, without nurturing supportive folks around. that is why i appreciate being able to come here and see what magical informatoin from around the world Owen has in store for us.

      • Thank you very much. One point worth emphasizing is NOT to get discouraged. Focus on positive, practical solutions and just keep trying. Never give up and somehow things will work out. There are millions or maybe billions of people living simple, relatively happy lives, and there are countless low cost solutions.

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