Extra Courses Versus Raising the Site — 3 Comments

  1. As my soil here is pure dust, and we don’t have scoria here, would it make a strong underfloor-layer to lay bags filled with foundation material flat all over the floor side by side and then tamp them? How would one then proceed from there? I don’t have any clay in my soil, so am planning a stone or tile floor, as I want to avoid the typical cement floors here. What would make a good layer between the bags and the tiles / sand stone slabs? We do have sand and murram 9which apparently is the same laterite)

    • You need a stable base under the floor. Earthbags under the floor would be lots of extra effort. It’s easier and faster to use aggregates. You should be able to build up a stable base with laterite and sand. Different aggregate sizes will lock together, fill the voids and create a fairly stable base. Then you can set the stone on top. Test it out on a small area. You may need some lime mortar to keep the stones from shifting.

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