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  1. Hi I live in Geneva, Florida which is in Seminole County on a 5 acre farm. I am looking to get rid of our double wide manufactured home and build an earth bag house in the next 10 years. I don’t know where to start and really looking for help on where to go to get approval to build one. Any contractors or engineers in my area that you may know of? Or how to get the building permits?? Ive read the building code manual on the seminal county building permits site but it talks about masonry, wood, brick etc. etc. My thoughts are if its sandbagged then it fits the definition of a brick, except it’s a compressed earth one. So wouldn’t this pass the test?? Many thanks in advance for your advice and assistance.

    • The folks at might be able to help you, as they say they are familiar with earthbag construction. Gary J. Gill PE also once was in Florida, but his website is no longer active; you could try his phone: 386-362-3678

      Earthbags are really different from all other earthen building technologies, so the codes are not transferable. Usually it is best to talk to the permitting agency directly to find out the real scoop.

  2. Are there people that woild help with the actual engineering and construction, i feel incapable of being able to comlletw it mtswlf as o am.not vweytechnically savy

    • You need an engineer or architect to approve the design. Codes allow alternative building materials if the plans are stamped by a professional. Right now is the leader in earthbag engineering. They’ve designed about 2 dozen earthbag buidings and dozens of similar alternative buildings. That’s who get my plans approved.

    • How did you make out Crystal? I just closed on property in Gilchrist county and am interested in green/alternative building

  3. Good Job. Thanks for posting this. I’ll definitely check to this site to see what’s new and recommend my people about your posting

  4. This is so sexy! Still can’t do a sawdust toilet or a compound house, so I’m screwed. But I’ll lend a hand on this project any way I can.

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