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Florida earthbag dome home
Florida earthbag dome home

Mike Creedy, owner-builder of the earthbag dome home in Live Oak, Florida, has started a blog to help spread the word about natural building and to help attract volunteers. Contact Mike if you’re interested in helping out. He’s going to document the building process. The costs below show what he’s spent so far.

The property is serviced. Water well, power and septic. If you are able to, put your own septic in and all the trenching for the electric utility company if you have to use one.

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Cost Overruns at Earthbag Clinic and Schools in Leogane, Haiti

The earthbag clinic and school buildings in Leogane have unfortunately experienced cost overruns. Obviously this is a very important topic, and doubly so when building in developing countries where budgets are very tight. One problem has been the unusually high cost of materials, which can be much higher than in the US. The main expense … Read more

The ‘Low Down’ on Housing Costs

We’ve been explaining how you can build a sustainable earthbag home for around $10/square foot. To build in this price range requires extra time and effort, but it is possible. Unfortunately, if you look on the Internet, you’ll find people making outrageous claims about various building systems and how you can build for much less … Read more

Building at $10/sq. ft. is Possible

Our earthbag projects have confirmed what I’ve known for a long time – that building at $10/sq.ft. (materials only) is possible. Other aspects of earthbag building — strength, durability, sustainability, etc. — are all important. But perhaps the most important point is affordability, because building at $10/sq. ft. makes housing affordable to virtually everyone on … Read more