Free Solar Food Dryer Plans

Nearly two decades of testing and experimentation have gone into producing these solar food dehydrator plans. This food dryer is efficient and off-grid and it’s highly cost-effective for anyone wanting to preserve lots of food at home.

The author led research teams at the Appropriate Technology Program at Appalachian State University. They conducted many experiments to produce a design for the best food dehydrator you’re likely to find anywhere. This dryer is about 6 feet tall and 7 feet long, but it’s on wheels and thus moves easily. It can dry food quickly and is a must-have for off-grid living. Anyone with basic woodworking skills can make these plans. This design relies on indirect solar power, meaning the drying food is not exposed to the sun but instead to solar-heated air. It takes advantage of the natural process of rising hot air to operate efficiently without any electric fans.

The complete plans are available for free at

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