The Cape Ecological Community in Australia

The Cape is a residential community located in southern Victoria, Australia that boasts 130 homes that all feature passive solar, solar power and rainwater harvesting, as well as EV charging infrastructure. The residences are purposely designed for year-round comfort, oriented to maximize natural light and ventilation. Strait House (pictured above) is designed for the Australian … Read more

ReGrow Willow Combines Willows with Mud

ReGrow Willow is an innovative hybrid material system that combines the tensile strength of willow and the compressive strength of earth for architectural applications. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology also uses digital fabrication processes and computational tools to create lightweight, mobile, and adaptable fabrication equipment. The project further seeks to present a potential remedy for … Read more

Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks in Nepal

Kajal Pradhan Banepali, Civil Engineer & Impact Officer at Build up Nepal, explains that compressed stabilized earth bricks has a proven record for its strength and also produces less air pollution than conventional bricks. “More people are starting to seek an alternative to fired bricks, they’re starting to understand the benefits of our eco-bricks for … Read more

An Off-Grid Dream Home in Costa Rica

In this is short film an architect decided to move to Costa Rica to build his dream home in the jungle. It is made with shipping containers, bamboo, and other sustainable materials. It runs on solar and hydro power and has beautiful ocean and jungle views. It is like a dream of living in when … Read more

An Earthbag Ecological Home in Jamaica

A home made of earthbags in Johns Town, Jamaica, is setting an example for sustainable living. It’s part of a group of largely self-sufficient residences called The Source Farm Foundation and Ecovillage. The home gets 70% of its energy from solar and wind, and the owner says, “People kept coming in our house to see … Read more

A Gorgeous Example of Natural Building in India

Located near Mumbai, India, this 557 sq. m (6,000 sq. ft.) farmhouse was entirely designed with environmental consciousness by integrating biophilic design, passive climatology principles and construction technology. It consists of a free-flowing living room, kitchen, dining room, three courtyards, glass bottle floor, pond, bedrooms, toilets and pantry. Most of the spaces are shaped according … Read more