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  1. Greeting from Botswana ! Our climate here in this Central Southern Africa region is semi-arid desert (Arizona ?) I’m planning to build a GeoPolymer EarthBag house. We have abundant Soda Ash ( available locally, plus a quarry (stone dust/crusher fines) close-by (about a 1 mile away).
    Does anyone have any real-life experience they could share building a GeoPolymer Earthbag house, especially if they have built using one of Owen Geiger’s earthbag house plans (e.g. The Beachcomber). I’m planning to use a mix ratio of 90% stone dust:10% Soda Ash to fill the bags and then once laid&tamped to use a garden hose to wet each course. Any comment, tips, advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance…

  2. I am interested in finding someone or some business that can replace all the concrete staircases at our condo complex with Geopolymer staircases. We need to replace all of them they are over 30 years old and crumbling because they had metal rods inserted for hand rails that have rusted and caused the concrete to crack break etc. Contact me by email at

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