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  1. How much does something like this cost? Are there DIY options available?

    It seems that there really isn’t an easy way to convert truly low grade heat (50C) into electricity. This type of heat is readily available in large amounts in just about any home. Most systems require a higher level of heat 100C or more to make electricity. I think there could be a significant market for something that could fill that gap.

    TEG is one possible option, though it is really low efficiency (<10%).

    • You can write and ask for a quote. I posted their email.

      There have been several technological breakthroughs lately on utilizing low temp waste heat. I didn’t post them because they’re still in the early research phase. They may be able to convert heat from things like wood stove pipes or exhaust pipes on your car into electricity.

      Current TEGs have limited value in my opinion due to low efficiency like you say.

      • yeah, I agree that TEGs are probably not worth the money.

        Could you post or send me some of the breakthroughs with low grade heat? I have a lot of low grade heat around here!

        I saw on another site that this green turbine was 4,000 Euro for the 1.2 kW model. Seems a bit high, but I guess that’s the price of new tech. You would have additional costs for boiler, pumps, condensers, etc.

        • Yeah, so it’s likely out of range of most homeowners at this point.

          I didn’t save the links to the breakthroughs. They’re still experimental. The articles were in science magazines.

  2. This would be very handy if you could run it inline with a rocket stove or other fireplace. Perhaps use the electricity generated to run an in floor hydronic system from the heated water that passes through the generator. I would love to see the home applications people use this for.

    • That would be one excellent application. I’d rather do that than use pellets. You’d probably have to modify it a bit to work with a rocket stove. Overall, the potential of CHP is huge. The technology has been around for a while. There are competing brands and now this small system. The price is still quite high, but should drop with increased demand.

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