Heated Earthbag Benches and Beds — 6 Comments

  1. If your main heating system is radiant floor, this could just be tied in with that. Solar HW plus woodstove (when needed) would be an easy way to heat the water for the radiant floor/bench…

  2. This is one place that a modern material like PEX tubing is perfect. You will probably have to cap it and pressurize it before packing the earthbags, but it is considerably cheaper than copper and much easier to work with overall.

    In the right climate, you could use solar to heat the water in the day to let the mass release the heat all night.

  3. I see that water is the perfect medium for storing heat but If you just used pipes and maybe a homemade heat sink you could build any shape or form as long as you can bend pipes.

    Or is there more advantages in using water in a tank.

    • That’s another good method that’s even easier, except you don’t need to bend pipes (unless you’re using copper tubing). You could use standard pipe fittings (elbows) to turn the corners. Maybe I’ll draw that detail for clarity. Thanks for sharing. Using pipes instead of a custom made tank is simpler for most and still provides plenty of heat.

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