Heated Earthbag Benches and Beds

Imagine having a toasty place to sit or sleep in the dead of winter. It’s fairly easy to make heated earthbag benches and beds. All you do is run PEX or copper tubing between courses of bags. The bench or bed could be heated from a water jacket on a wood stove or you could … Read more

Another Earthbag Bench

Here’s our third earthbag bench. I love these small projects. They’re so simple and practical. This one was made almost entirely with surplus materials: a few extra bags filled with gravel, cement plaster and scrap tile. It was built during the construction of our earthbag roundhouse so all the tools, materials, etc. were all in … Read more

Earthbag Bench and Wood Arbor

Add elegance to your backyard with this durable earthbag bench and stylish arbor. Using this simple method and renewable resources, you can build a beautiful bench and arbor for a cozy backyard retreat. Benches and arbors can turn an ordinary space in your yard into a striking focal point. They’re ideal for relaxing and for … Read more

Earthbag Benches: The Perfect Starter Project

It seems many readers are hesitant to plunge in and start building an earthbag house. That’s understandable. Building any home is a major undertaking and it makes sense to plan accordingly. The best advice for those just getting started (after doing the prerequisite background research) is to build something small like a storage shed or … Read more