Insulated Earthbag Vaults for Rainy Climates — 8 Comments

  1. Hello, I was wondering if the loft space in design has a structural purpose or would it work as well with out it?
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    • The loft is essential for structural stability. But be advised that this plan has never been built, to my knowledge, so the idea is conceptual and unproven. I am very skeptical about the stability of earthbag vaults in general. Please keep us informed if you try to build one.

  2. This is the idea I have in my head for a community garden shed in West Palm Beach, FL. I have to speak with the city reference a permit for a structure like this. I love this because it reduces the use of wood and may provide for a rain water catchment system. However, a) I need a roof (or system) that can withstand 140mph wind, b) something that wont contaminate the water caught for reuse in the garden and c) I’ve read that domes are not ideal for my subtropical area. This is my first time going through the “system” for permission to build and it feels a little daunting right about now.

  3. Corrigated fiberglass panels, such as that used on greenhouses, would work also for a roof. I know of a greenhouse that has had this roof for nearly 40 years now. You do have to predrill the nailing holes and use screws or nails with rubber washers to attach it, however.

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