Keith Thompson: Totally Off the Grid

You might want to visit the original source at YouTube (fun way to blow an hour) and check out some of the comments. Skeeter (Keith Thompson) has become somewhat of an Internet sensation and so I couldn’t resist posting a few sample comments out of hundreds:
– “We are used to a high level of material comfort in our lives. I want that, I just don’t want to pay for it for the rest of my life.”
Spot on.
– The small-house/off-grid cabin movement is something that is going to get some legs, and soon. People are looking for alternatives that don’t mean being yoked to a lifetime of debt. Now just watch prices for small plots of land go thru the roof as the movement takes hold, LOL.
– skeeter a good name
– Skeeter, you are the man. Great job
– You are an inspiration. You are living proof that there is still an American dream if we are willing to put in some work.
– I want to do this. I’m tired of paying for the right to exist on this planet. I want to reap the rewards of my efforts myself instead of paying it directly into some rich person’s pockets.
– Great Video! I think that modern living is just a subtle form of slavery – pay your mortgage, pay your bills, be a good employee, maintain your credit score, work harder to buy more – buy, buy, buy. Those of us who want to live an “off grid” or “non-traditional” lifestyle have found a loophole in the system.
– thats the way i want to live. Top man.
– keith aka skeeter for president
– Interested in a female roommate to assist with building, design, etc.?
– I wanna marry a guy that thinks like u….

Judging by his popularity, Skeeter could create a YouTube channel that would easily support his modest lifestyle. (But then maybe he cherishes his privacy and doesn’t want all the attention…)

6 thoughts on “Keith Thompson: Totally Off the Grid”

  1. Im pretty sure some one saw this man living the dream and took him out,Rip skeeter,If this is how you want to live be prepared for some one to come take it from you the globalists do not want you drinking beer at home all day self sustaining people are everything the govenrnment is against arm your selves physically and spiritually there is a war going on

  2. Does this guy have any way of being contacted? I am thinking of doing sorta the same thing to prep for retirement (in 10 years LOL) and I’d love to milk him for some info.

    • He seems to have dropped off the radar. Lots of people are trying to contact him via YouTube. I can’t find any updated contact info.


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