Back to Eden Wood Chip/Mulch Gardening — 2 Comments

  1. I recently watched the movie Back to Eden about farming with mulch, it was really interesting to see it can be easy to have a backyard garden :)

    Organic veggies for nearly free, that’s awesome.

    You can watch the entire movie here (at least for now )

    The movie is a little preachy, it might make atheists irate, but if you can look past that they show you how to grow food easily.

    He says he only gets about 12 inches of rain per year (if I recall) and the mulch keeps the moisture.

    He even uses chicken [manure] to make top soil :)

    I plan to do likewise when I am able :)

  2. This video flipped my thinking about mulch. Mulch isn’t something you add later as an afterthought. It’s actually one of the most important steps in gardening.

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