Keith Thompson: Totally Off the Grid

You might want to visit the original source at YouTube (fun way to blow an hour) and check out some of the comments. Skeeter (Keith Thompson) has become somewhat of an Internet sensation and so I couldn’t resist posting a few sample comments out of hundreds:
– “We are used to a high level of material comfort in our lives. I want that, I just don’t want to pay for it for the rest of my life.”
Spot on.

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Reasons to Escape the Matrix

Homestead living
Homestead living

Most of our blog posts focus on one narrow topic. From time to time it’s good to look at the bigger picture and summarize the most important reasons for breaking free of the system. It’s all about creating a better life.

– Build your own home with sustainable materials to save tens of thousands of dollars and help protect the environment.
– Opportunity to live debt free and simplify your life. This not only saves you money, it frees up spare time so you can do the things you really want and **Be Happier**.

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Autonomous Buildings: Houses With No Bills

“An autonomous building is a building designed to be operated independently from infrastructural support services such as the electric power grid, gas grid, municipal water systems, sewage treatment systems, storm drains, communication services, and in some cases, public roads. Advocates of autonomous building describe advantages that include reduced environmental impacts, increased security, and lower costs … Read more