Las Gaviotas – A Village to Reinvent the World

“Paolo Lugari and his team at Las Gaviotas in Colombia started regenerating the rainforest in 1984. Gunter and Paolo met for the first time that same year. This video offers some insights and background with exclusive video footage presenting the case of Gaviotas by Gunter. This is a prime case of The Blue Economy, zero emissions and social development, working only with what is locally available, generating social capital.” For info please look at

They say they’ve planted 8,000 hectares of forest. Today the number is up around 25,000 hectares.
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  1. Owen! Thanks also for your kind comments on my new project EarthSong Farm Garden & Herbal School! We hope to have such resounding success that we build a few of these around the world! I already had an ambassador reach out to me on our project! We will keep everyone posted on new developments!! I think the people around the world are beginning to wake up!! Sara


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