Earthsong Farm and Herbal School — 6 Comments

  1. A few people have asked, maybe people outside America are not familiar with term of MIDWEST states, but it means middle of country, which is tradition farm territory and plenty of rivers and streams & springs to pretty much eliminate chances of serious droughts…. THAT SAID, the intention is to be so very successful, we plan to build at least 3-5 more EarthSong Farm Garden & Herbal School projects around the world. We have preferences of course, however, we will leave that until the first one is being built & running….. Anyone whom knows my father, Dr Joel Wallach, of Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie, know, our family is heavily knowledgeable and well vetted as Natural Health advocates & educators for over 40 years…..

    There is a dedicated Natural healing community of close to 3 Billion world wide and growing…..

    I and my close friends on this project are dedicated and persistent, even if it takes 2 years to build the land fund, it will be worth being mortgage free for a town of 700 people…. And empowering future healers!! Get your Positive determination on folks…. It is time to put some serious elbow grease into projects that are naturally sustainable!! Godspeed!! Sara

  2. Our Link to the New funding/Update site!

    Also, Thank you Structure 1 for allowing our amazing 4 bedroom house Engineer plans from Dr. Owen Geiger’s architecture blueprints be shown!!! If people know the high energy savings, the high creativity and the long durability, nobody would settle for less!!

    Deep Respect!

  3. Thank you Owen, for the beautiful work you do and the amazing projects you share that bring scientific verification on symbiotic natural relationships, such as this re-forestation project!! With the best minds and hearts coming together, we can truly create Heaven on Earth and the divine realization of stewardship Humanity is to be crowned with!! God Bless you & your amazing works!!

  4. Last night I had a dream of a sustainable community much like this one. There were 1-5 acre homesteads along a greenbelt that connected them. Each homestead was unique and complimented the others. Ex: some had forest gardens, some focused on growing vegetables and other crops. There was space for water towers, shops, barns and owner-based businesses. To me, this seems like the ideal living situation.

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