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Poly bag prices have been going up lately and I’m sure readers are looking for the best deals. This seems like a good time to start tracking the lowest cost bag suppliers, so I encourage readers to leave a comment below with your recommendations.

For clarity’s sake, I suggest posting:
– Company name
– Website address
– Cost per bag (18”x30”)
– Cost per roll (18″ wide)

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    • Shipping is expensive so some people buy a bundle of bags or tubing and bring it with them on the plane, etc. Also check the closest large city. Poly bags are used in many industries.

  1. I am in desperate need of poly bags to build an earthbag house. My house was burnt during the Gatlinburg TN and of course insurance and FEMA is no use. Money is non-existent so I need to find my building supplies as cheap as possible. Any help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

    • Farmers who feed livestock often have used bags. Post a message in the local Thrifty Nickle type newspaper and community message board. Sometimes breweries, etc. have them. But just remember earthbag is labor intensive. It is not a quick fix if you need immediate shelter. If I needed something really fast and cheap I’d use straw bales, pallets and salvaged wood. Set the bales on 2-3 layers of gravel bags.

  2. Hello friend,

    We specialize in this field for 20 years,and have ISO 9001 and CQC certificated,
    If you have details, please give it to me, then I will give you a better quotation.

    1.Internal size or outer size: width x length x height cms
    2.U-panel,tubler,baffled bag
    3.Top: open top/top spout/top skirt
    4.Bottom: closed bottom/discharge spout
    5.The loop height and spout size
    6.Fabric: coated or uncoated
    7.Liner: yes or no
    8.Dust proof seams: yes or no
    9. SWL(Safe Working Load)
    10.The usage of the bag

    Below is the new price for your reference.
    Please reply to me for more information. thank you.
    PP bulk bags
    Internal size: 90x90x100 cms
    160 GSM, uncoated, UV treated, unprinted
    Top spout: 40×40 cms
    Bottom spout: 40×40 cms.
    4 corner loops: 25 cms high, white
    Standard seams
    No doc pouch
    SWL:1000 kgs 5:1
    Price: USD 2.97/PC FOB Qingdao
    Qty.:290 pcs/pallet x 20 = 5800 pcs/20’FCL

    Best Regards
    Merry Zhao
    Laizhou City, Shandong Province, China
    website: http://www.bulkbagchina.com

  3. I just did a Craigslist search after reading this post and the comments, and this is what I found:

    FREE used feed bags, woven poly bags, 50# size (Milwaukie)-
    We have about 32 cu ft of these bags, they are bundled into 3 big plastic bags. They can be used for all kinds of things. Earth Bag Buildings are the most popular use I know of. They are mostly white with red writing, but other misc feed bags are mixed in, too.
    link to the ad:


    It seems to have been posted about 16 hours ago (from now) so if you’re in the Portland area, this might be a good find for you.

    Good luck!

  4. Company name:Topure Paksak Co.,LImited
    product name:pp woven bag
    Cost per bag (18”x30”):US$0.15-0.29 per piece
    Cost per roll (18″ wide):US$150-290 per 1000pcs
    We’d like to quote more details if you can tell us the GSM,colors,stitch,etc.

  5. Volm has 18.5 x 30 raschel bags $200.00/thousand. That is about the same price as Whole Sale Discount Market. Volm is located in Wisconsin so the shipping isn’t as expensive.

  6. Here are some more current prices. 05/2011
    I am still waiting for some other responses.

    Dayton Bag 18″ Continuous Circular Woven Polypropylene (tubing)
    $.55 per yard.
    Approx. 600 lbs. on one skid.

    J & J Supply 50# mesh onion bags 35 cents each. No discount for quantity mentioned

    Jumbo Sack 18″ x 30″ mesh bag
    Red, White or Purple colors
    black woven draw string attached
    2,000 minimum order
    2,000/bundle @ $249.00/thousand

    Cady Bag 18.25×31 mesh in red, no band. They are $.42 each. No discount for quantity mentioned.

  7. I have sent several emails to bag suppliers and have had some luck:

    * Contact Jeremy Hilt (jhilt@centralbagcompany.com w/Central Bag Company said they stock 18″ x 984 ft @ $195 (includes shipping!!!)

    * Sandbag Express does not carry continuous rolls, but they suggested I try NYP Corp. Whatever that is?….

    * Saddleback Materials Co. Inc – $0.29 – $0.59 a bag http://www.esandbags.com/

  8. From Kelly Hart:

    Hi Chris,

    I really appreciate your forwarding this information to us. I also tried to post it as a comment on our blog, with no success, so there must be some sort of filter blocking it. Usually we are prompted to approve or disapprove of comments, but this never happened.

    In any case, I have taken the information and woven it into the source list that we maintain at http://earthbagbuilding.com/resources.htm#supplies so that it is available to readers there. I did not post the prices however, since these are always changing.

    Thanks a bunch.

  9. Chris Haburchak: The quotes I received this summer were much more affordable.

    Langston Bag – Memphis, TN
    18×30 $195/1000 + $78 shipping to business
    (if residential, add another $80 to shipping)

    All In Safety – Brooklyn, NY
    http://www.allinsafety.com (they take PayPal)
    18×30 $196.75/1000 + $26.14 shipping Fed Ex Ground
    [I bought these…a little over $.22/bag, received in 1 week]

    White Bag Company, Inc – North Little Rock, AR
    18 x 30 $167/M
    18.5 x 32 $169/M
    15 x 4 x 31 $192/M (gusseted “diddle-free” bags)
    Freight $88/1,000; ask for UPS quote, may be cheaper
    Contact Greg Collett at GCollett@Whitebag.com
    (he said they also have misprints from time to time but not at the moment;
    they go anywhere from 10 to 12 cents…)

    To see those gusseted bags in action, check out OzarkMoma’s Flickr pages,
    very entertaining slideshow…

  10. Chris Haburchak: (prices from 2009)

    Jumbo Sack – Maryland Heights, MO
    18.5×35 $220/1000 + $125-175 freight

    Ace Bag & Burlap – Bronx, NY
    18×30 $240/1000 + UPS ground $71.16

    Pacific Packaging – Wilsonville, OR
    misprint bags for $15 each
    20×32 $150/1000 + $150 shipping
    23×29 $150/1000 + $210 shipping

    United Bags – St. Louis, MO
    18×30 $380/1000 + shipping

  11. Chris Haburchak: (prices from 2009)

    Commercial Bag Supply – Des Moines, Iowa
    18×30 no ties or UV – $.38 each + $25/1000 shipping

    Farber Bag & Supply Company – Peosta, IA
    18×30 no string $340/1000 plus shipping
    18×30 w/ string $550/1000 plus shipping

    Central Bag Company – Kansas City, MO
    http://www.centralbagcompany.com/ (they do use PayPal)
    18×30 $.45/bag delivered

    Flexible Packaging – Houston, TX
    18×30 Standard UVI $390/1000 + $80 shipping
    18×30 High UVI $648/1000 + $80 shipping

    Donald Davis Bags – Spartanburg, NC
    18×30 $480/1000 delivered
    (misprint also available: 20×30 $520/2000
    + $100 shipping = $620/2000 total or $310/1000)

  12. Daniel w/New Mexico Dirtbags (www.nmdirtbags.com) wasn’t any help. The only sell 14″ x 26″ bags. They said they knew of one place in China that sold the tubing by the roll, but when I asked them if they could give me that company’s name, the wrote back saying, “I’m sure you understand how your request might be interpreted as being pretty inappropriate. You’re free to do your own research. ” I thought I was doing my own research by emailing him??? Oh well, I’ll find it somewhere….


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