Mechanized Rapidobe — 5 Comments

    • Similar concept except one is dirt cheap and the other is costly. The trade-off is rapidobe walls won’t be as perfectly flat without extra work. But most people have more time than money.

      3′ thick walls are overkill in my opinion. The extra wide foundation and extra roof materials are wasteful. 18″ thick walls with 1″-2″ insulation on the exterior is sufficient for most all climates.

  1. I have considered the machine route for Rapidobe. If you do this, you might want a pneumatic tamper to keep up with the loader. Also, you might leave some extra fabric on ode side of the wall to raise up and act as a funnel to help the loader fill the wall.

    I also recommend making curved wall for greater strength.

    Watch our blog for updates on the barn project.

  2. yes! good idea! if… your hands on a bobcat, and friends to tamp!
    when we don’t and yet want to build, just build however! bit by bit!

    • It might pay off to rent a tractor from a neighbor, etc. for a few days. This could save many days/weeks of hard work.

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