Mesh Bags Versus Poly Bags: Differences in Working Properties — 4 Comments

  1. Owen, when will your earthbag book be available? I’d be very interested in acquiring a copy. I’m considering building a good-sized earthbag home, or series of pods for me, two children, two dogs, plenty of stuff and space for my g/f and her son. That’s two adults, three children, two dogs and all the stuff that comes with them so I will want to build plenty of closet/storage space into my design as well. I’m hoping your book may extend on my theory and give me some examples to use when i go to battle for licenses to build my structure. :)

  2. i think i will be using mesh bags on my upcoming project.

    i’ve seen it stated that barbed wire will not be needed with mesh bags as opposed to poly bags except if building a dome.
    I would like to eliminate the barbed wire if possible in the construction of my dome.
    The disadvantages that i see with it are:
    difficulty working with it, more expense, and rust (should water penetrate the walls).
    I’m thinking about replacing the barbed wire with nylon rope, knotted every few feet, and if necessary staked or stapled in place.
    (If extra reinforcement of the wall were needed i think it may be possible to use larger stakes nailed through the knots in the rope to join several courses of tubes together.)

    i think the nylon rope would provide the tensile support the barbed wire provides but would be easier to use and cheaper.

    what do you think?

    • This subject is covered in my upcoming earthbag book. There is growing consensus that barbed isn’t needed on simple structures in non-seismic areas. You could always choose from a variety of other reinforcing techniques such as rebar or bamboo pins, plaster mesh on both sides of the wall tied together, buttressing, tying courses together with twine, etc.

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