Discount Raschel Mesh Tubing

Here’s a bit of good news from Patti Stouter. I just heard from Maurice Wilson that the raschel mesh tubing for Hyperadobe earth building has come in. He has a limited supply, but the manufacturer has sent longer rolls. These rolls up to 1400 meters long will still be offered at the price for 1000 … Read more

Mesh Bags Versus Poly Bags: Differences in Working Properties

I finally had a chance to build with mesh bags. Previously I had made some test bags, but this week we included a whole course of mesh bags in our current Cool Pantry project. More photos coming soon. In this post I want to describe some of the differences in working properties between mesh and … Read more

Raschel Bags Susceptibility to UV Damage Confirmed

Just like polypropylene bags, raschel bags also are susceptible to UV damage. This is no surprise to long term readers, but I’m just reporting my experience to encourage earthbag builders to protect their structures from ultraviolet damage. The raschel earthbag made on approximately January 5 for my post titled Open Weave Fabric: Ideal Working Properties … Read more

Close-up Photo of Mesh Bag

Kelly Hart posted a close-up photo of a mesh bag the other day. I noticed it was different than the bags we are using, and so I’m posting this photo for comparison. Our bags are 16”x32” with vertical threads and horizontal strips. Both types will probably work, but we want to document the different types … Read more

Open Weave Fabric: Ideal Working Properties

I was able to find some fruit and vegetable bags that seem to match what is being used in Brazil by Fernando Pacheco, the developer of the Hiperadobe earthbag system. What I’ve located is an open weave synthetic fabric, 5 x 10mm weave with 2 x 8mm openings. It has vertical threads and horizontal strips … Read more