Msambweni Earthbag Project

Nearly finished earthbag house in Kenya
Nearly finished earthbag house in Kenya

“Another project to be carried out in June 2015 is the build of a round earthbag house. The filling material of the polypropylene bags will be on-site soil which makes this construction method literally ‘dirt cheap’. Our County Governor Salim Mvurya and some officers from Msambweni are already greatly interested in the result. During the build people will be on-the-job trained to enable them employing the earthbag construction technique in future undertakings on their own.

The project is led and sponsored by Joachim Freudenberg, a process engineer who currently pursues his PhD in Birmingham, England. The house will be fitted with a composting toilet and a cistern for rain water collection. The overall objective of the project is to promote this environment friendly building method and create a space for the planned workshops, occasional guests and, in everyday life, for our yoga exercises.”


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  1. I’m looking for some information on how to purchase these earthbags and send them to Africa. One thing I saw though is that you have to sew the bags? Which unfortunately, is not a doable thing for people in Africa because they have so little. Is there a way around that?


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