Natural Building Workshops in Argentina

Cob oven and bench by Living Earth
Cob oven and bench by Living Earth

“After spending over ten years of natural building in countries ranging from Argentina, Guatemala, Africa, Thailand and around the US, Miguel Elliott aka “Sir Cobalot” has brought his skills to his hometown of Petaluma, California, a town with a rich history of natural adobe building. Inspired and fascinated at an early age by the earthen ovens at General Vallejo’s old adobe home in Petaluma, Miguel now finds himself specializing in creating various living earth structures such as cob benches, cob ovens, adobe dome saunas and small huts.”

More info on the natural building workshops in Argentina at Living Earth

They say natural building is rapidly growing in popularity in Argentina and there’s lots of natural building workshops going on. These methods are now approved by the municipality ordinances/codes. They’re building small earthen houses with local and recycled materials for as little as $1,000. See this video for details.

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  1. Our blog post the other day was about $2,000 tiny houses. In Argentina they’re building nice (and I mean nice little houses) for $1,000 as you can see in that video. This proves how to solve the housing crisis and reduce pollution at the same time.


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