Natural Toilets — 5 Comments

  1. how about anyone mentioned the book, HUMANURE? We have used for the last 6 years, in our outside, yes, we do live in the Mojave Desert, sometimes also cold! but no smell, tooo easy, gives us earth!!! a great gift for ourselves!! jehane

    • The Humanure sawdust is probably the simplest, best toilet. The plans and book are free online. However, some people don’t want a toilet like this and so people are proposing other options.

  2. I took the well stated and cautionary advice of Phil Dodd and read the referenced article with interest. No wonder prudence is called for when departing from the world of flush toilets! The experience of those who had to undergo the dry toilet project was terrible. I can promise that if our power vented anaerobic digester toilet is not pleasantly functional I will pull it from the market. Also, our toilet is not “dry” as we do not separate urine from solid waste. After initial fill with water, urine provides the on going water needed by the system. The solar powered vent fan pulls out the bad smells. Also, a quick pass with the large cleanser soaked brush at the pan/bowl after use neutralizes any odor that might arise from the sides of the pan/bowl having been fouled during use.

    I believe the Eppivent toilet will not present the problems referred to by Mr. Dodd. But I do appreciate his concern. We will try to get it right. Thanks

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