News Report about Earthbag School Surviving Quake — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Please send any information on how I can get involved in building earthbag shelters. I want to return to Nepal in November 2015 to help build

    • There must be unlimited opportunities for this in Nepal. You’ll need to contact some NGOs first. The government is turning people away from certain areas.

      I may do another blog post about shelters before long. An NGO may use my mesh reinforced stone wall idea for emergency shelters. See what happens.

  2. That is great news that we are getting reports of the earthbag structures withstanding the earthquakes. What’s even more impressive is that it’s all done with simple supplies, equipment, and skills that don’t take specialized training. Our prayers go out to the people affected by this devastation.

    • We’ve heard from every earthbag project except one in a remote village. Every earthbag building in Nepal that we’ve heard from (about 50) is intact with little or no damage even though the surrounding homes are severely damaged.

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