Old Irish Farmhouse Renovated for Efficiency

This 120-year-old farmhouse is so energy efficient it puts some new-builds to shame. Hill House in Blacklion, Ireland, was restored with sustainability at its core.The restoration took nearly two years. Inside, the floor and internal walls were replaced.

Designed so that it could be heated through passive solar means, the center of the house was opened up to allow the sun to come in from the south and west-facing windows. On days when the sun isn’t shining, the Rayburn in the kitchen is used to keep the entire home warm. And if that isn’t enough to keep out the cold, there is also a new auxiliary oil system with a boiler to provide heat and hot water.

The blue solid timber units were made by a local craftsman and all the radiators were salvaged, stripped and repainted. All windows are made of sustainable hardwood and were crafted by a local carpenter. A double-roof was put on to further insulate, and the height of the ceilings was adjusted to make more of the light and views.

When asked if it was a labor of love, the owner says that it was all pure devotion. “I was there every day throughout the build. I know every single stone and where it came from. It meant if something needed tweaking it was done before the builders had a chance to leave the site.”

The property has six acres of gardens, pond and woodland that are low-maintenance with mature trees, lawn and wild flowers, attracting newts, frogs, dragonflies and bees.

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