Financing Our Earthbag House — 7 Comments

  1. Your house looks amazing. If I had others to help me build, I would love a geodesic dome or a wooden yurt or (ideally) an earthbag fort! But it’s just me, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon. I hope the site stays open and active! It’s one of the few blogs I read.

    • Hi Laura. for a possible low cost dome home. take a look at

      their patented ziptie shelter dome kits make it possible to build their kit as your framework. then cover/spray,etc with the materials to create your dome home.

      at the very least this could help to inspire you to build dome for a building to use as temporary quarters while building something else.

      i am dreaming to use one of their SILO shelter dome kits as my framework. it has a base which is straighter vertical which offers more ground floor head space. then can add a loft/upper floor or such with a 13′ or larger diameter model.

      John Hurt is a kind soul to collaborate with and to answer any questions you have.

      also take a look at straw bale arches online images.

      these are gothic arch covered with bales. for outer protection, you can spray, plaster or cover with cladding such as metal roofing.

      many blessings on your adventures. keep us posted, as there are many of us with your dreams.

      and thank you to kelly for keeping this blog up and going. as so many of us depend on this to educate us and give us a spring board for fulfilling our dreams

  2. While I agree a 30 year mortgage is a horrible thought, it’s a fairly simple task to pay it off a lot quicker by adding additional funds to the monthly payment. One or two less coffee’s and days eating out etc make it very possible to pay of the debt a lot sooner. Like all investing / consolidation of debt, it’s about having the self discipline and long-term goal firmly in your mind.

  3. This story is soooo true. I cannot stress enough other ways to do things. I had these exact same issues on ROUND shaped homes in my area. I called USDA got certified to grow organic foods on 1 acre (the smallest they can do and even that was a HUGE challenge) cost 500 bucks. I got the land appraised for triple what it would be worth with an uninsured natural building on it. I built nothing on it at that time. I lived in a motorhome and built a small superadobe and strawbale “storage”…that worked under the ag requirements. We didn’t need a large loan, so we used the farming idea to do that and THEN built a larger nicer home when we got our loan, installed solar, wind generators and a nice compost system/driveway and permaculture gardens. :) Other things we found…TIME BANKING to trade for these items and building services! We threw free hens out on our land knew NOTHIG about eggs..we were vegan even….but sold eggs and built our “trades” in cottage industry…in 6 months we had a superadobe small home, a well, solar, wind, a farm, etc and we have equity now to sell! Hope everyone meets their building needs somehow1

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