Owen Geiger’s Funeral in Thailand

I received notice last night that Owen Geiger, the co-creator of this blog, who died in November last year was finally cremated where he died in Thailand. It took that long for the U.S. State Department to release him to the director of the hospital where he died.

His Thai family wrote, “All documents have been completed.Today at 15:00 Thailand time, we will be at the funeral to cremate Owen. My family and his friends in Thailand are coming. Send him to heaven with our love.”

May he rest in Peace.

9 thoughts on “Owen Geiger’s Funeral in Thailand”

  1. Wishiing the family to be well, knowing that he did all the good contribution to the world. So huge, more that just a man so good. Rested in peace

  2. His passions for sustainability and righteous human endeavour are alive in this blog and will live on. Thank you Owen.

  3. Thanks Kelly. He may be physically gone but his presence is still felt and continues to impact people to this day. I wish him well wherever he may now be. He is and will continue to be missed.



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