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As part of publicizing my new Essential Earthbag Construction book I spent some time answering questions about earthbag building in general at where they gave away several copies of the book to those who participated. As I spent more time at this site I realized that it is one of the most informative and valuable forums I have ever seen. It is enormously popular with permaculture enthusiasts from around the world. Topics covered include: gardening, farming, building, homesteading, energy, life styles, community, wilderness, resources, education, artisans and publishing. In other words, they cover a lot of the same topics that we do here at Natural Building Blog, so you might check them out. The folks who hang out on this forum are very knowledgeable and  helpful.

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  1. I also like the website and have found lots of useful info on it. But Permies is more than a website. Its also a place that, according to internet accounts of people who have been, is sort of a self-serving enterprise of the founder. Young people are lured there with promises of freedom and permaculture education, find themselves suddenly stuck in a gated, secretive, filthy, labor camp. It’s not a pretty picture.


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