Rebuilding Naturally Resilient Homes After Fires

An article entitled “Typical wildfire recovery is ‘rebuilding to burn’, but there’s another way” makes the point that instead of rebuilding burned houses with the same mainstream concepts that continue to be vulnerable to fires, people should look toward more naturally fire-resistant methods, such as strawbale, cob, adobe, stone, etc. Not only are these methods more fireproof, they are also more ecological with much lower embodied energy and carbon footprint. It is refreshing to hear people advocate this approach, since this is really what this blog is all about.

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  1. Earthbag construction was sadly neglected in the linked article. With the deaths of Owen Geiger and Nader Khalili of Cal-Earth, this wonderful construction technique has lost some impetus. Thankfully, Kelly Hart is here to carry on the torch of true ecohousing.


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