Architecture without Architects

“In this book, Bernard Rudofsky steps outside the narrowly defined discipline that has governed our sense of architectural history and discusses the art of building as a universal phenomenon. He introduces the reader to communal architecture–architecture produced not by specialists but by the spontaneous and continuing activity of a whole people with a common heritage, … Read more

Rural Studio

[vimeo w=400&h=302] The Rural Studio from BluePrint Productions on Vimeo. “The Rural Studio is a design-build architecture studio run by Auburn University which aims to teach students about the social responsibilities of the profession of architecture while also providing safe, well-constructed and inspirational homes and buildings for poor communities in rural west Alabama, part … Read more

The Barefoot Architect – Johan van Lengen

“The Barefoot Architect, in its evolution, came out a stunner. Not only in looks, but also in both usefulness and practicality in today’s world. We didn’t anticipate the timing, but the green movement matured as this book was being produced and it’s a perfect intersection. At a glance, the book may appear to be about … Read more

Pacific Style

Most readers are familiar with the major architectural styles – Modern, Art Deco, Country, Arts and Crafts, Mission, Ranch, Victorian, Colonial, Greek Revival, Gothic and Prairie Style come to mind. One major and very appealing style that’s sometimes overlooked is Pacific Style. Some of the finest examples of Pacific Style are not on the Internet … Read more