Blue Vinyl Video

“A critics’ darling at film festivals across the globe and Winner of the Excellence in Cinematography Award at Sundance, BLUE VINYL is a deeply personal and frighteningly vital exposé that has been applauded as “funny and irreverent…one of Sundance’s best documentaries!” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times).

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Disaster Resistant Earthbag Housing

One of the greatest needs in the world is disaster-resistant housing – houses that can hold up against hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, flooding and other natural disasters. If you follow the news like I do then you’ll realize that tragic disasters affecting tens of thousands or millions of people occur almost daily. It’s sad and painful … Read more

Reinforced Mesh Corners

The idea presented here is for Haiti and other areas susceptible to earthquakes. It’s a very simple concept, but even small steps like this one can save lives. The main idea involves reinforcing corners of earthbag buildings with plastic mesh or plastic fencing. For background information, see my previous post on Low Cost Reinforcement of … Read more

Confined Earthbag

Sometimes incremental changes are the most effective. People are naturally resistant to major changes, but they’ll more readily grasp and utilize small changes. That’s the thinking behind this confined masonry/earthbag system. Confined masonry is one of the most common building systems in the world, with millions of structures built this way. Confined masonry construction consists … Read more